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Meet Our Team


Courtney Higgins - Senior Property Manager

Courtney began in the in the multi-family housing industry in 1999 as a Leasing Consultant. After 9 short months she was promoted to Assistant Property Manager and then a year later, Property Manager. Over the years, she has been professionally recognized for many awards including community and resident satisfaction. Courtney joined the Cove Property Management team as Property Manager in February 2019 when Spa Cove Apartments was acquired, and West Woods Apartments was added to her portfolio as well. She has started the process of earning her CPM® designation with a goal of completing it in 2020. In August of 2020, Courtney was promoted to the new role of Senior Property Manager where she will be a resource and provide support to our Cove Property Management communities within Prince George's and Montgomery Counties while maintaining her existing role at this community. Outside of work Courtney loves to spend time with her husband and 4 sons - who keep her incredibly busy with football, wrestling, basketball, lacrosse and baseball! She loves the outdoors and spending time at the beach and doing yard work. One thing she would love to learn is how to knit!

Vanessa Cabezas - Assistant Property Manager

Vanessa started with Cove Property Management in 2014 as a Leasing Consultant. She was promoted to Assistant Property Manager in 2016 at West Woods Apartments, just a few months after Cove Property Management made this acquisition.  In February, 2019, Spa Cove Apartments was added to the portfolio and she was additionally added as Assistant Property Manager to that community. When Vanessa isn’t working, she spends time with her animals which consist of 2 bunnies, 2 dogs and 2 beta fish. She loves them like they are her children. Vanessa has an incredibly strong bond with her parents and seven siblings! When she is not tending to her family, she can be found playing in APA statewide pool tournaments. In true Maryland style, Vanessa was also a finalist of a Maryland crab picking contest!

Betty Ariza - Leasing Consultant

Betty’s career started in 2003 in Colombia, South America where she managed a building of privately-owned condos. In 2011 Betty moved to Miami, Florida and was a Valet Manager for Miami Beach Resort and Spa Hotel. Her experience led her to her career with Cove Property Management in 2016 as a Leasing Consultant. In February 2019, she was given the opportunity to work at Spa Cove Apartments to which she has excelled! In her spare time Betty enjoys spending time with her 2 adult children and husband. She loves cooking and rainy days, dancing and traveling.  During the great weather days, Betty loves cruising on the back of her husband’s Harley. Betty obtained her private pilot’s license in the early 90’s where she was enrolled in a private pilot school.  She graduated from that school and flew Cessna planes.

Dan Kinkade - Senior Service Manager

Dan joined Cove Property Management in November 2010 as a Service Technician and was promoted to Service Manager in 2015. He obtained his Universal HVAC Certification in 2011 and has trained and managed numerous successful service teams and was even previously nominated for Maintenance Supervisor of the Year through MMHA. Promoted to the brand-new role of Senior Service Manager in August 2020, Dan will continue to oversee the service team at this community but will now provide support at Cove Property Management's communities in Prince George's and Montgomery Counties. Dan enjoys being a team player and would never ask someone to do something that he himself would not do. Dan is frightened of heights; however, he loves roller coasters and soon plans to sky dive. After work, Dan likes to relax by spending time with his family, going fishing with his son, watching sports (Go Steelers!) or eating all things spicy.


Kirill Sergiv - Service Technician

In 2018 Kirill graduated at the top of his high school class in Stavropol, Russia. A few months later, in September of 2018, Kirill and his parents moved to the United States. After applying 3 times to the MMHA Service Training Academy, he was finally accepted into the program in July of 2019. Each time he applied; he was told he needed to be able to comprehend the English language so that they could teach him the skills necessary to be successful. His dedication lead him to learn to both speak and write the English language in less than 8 months! Kirill graduated from the Service Training Academy in August 2019 and was hired by Cove Property Management to become a Service Technician at Spa Cove and West Woods Apartments. When Kirill isn’t at work he likes to read, travel, play soccer and basketball.


Jamar Wilson - Service Technician

Jamar joined our team in July 2020 and has quickly gained the respect of his team. He enjoys working with his hands like his dad, which is what led him to the maintenance field. In October of 2019 Jamar graduated from the North American Trade School specializing in Heating, Refrigeration, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology (HRVAC) with both OSHA and Universal EPA certifications and an Apprentice license. Prior to attending the trade school, he was a counselor for people with learning disabilities for 4 years and a lifeguard for 3 years. With ambitions to attend UMD to become a lawyer and open his own Law Firm down the line, he started young by taking accelerated courses at a Magnet Middle School and graduated a year early with a 4.0 GPA. Jamar loves to fix TV’s, computers and smart phones in his spare time which gives him the knowledge and capability to fix household appliances. Jamar has a twin sister and has a set of twin brothers which he loves spending time with outside of work.